Xender MOD APK v12.3.1.Go (Premium Unlocked)

Xender MOD APK v12.3.1.Go (Premium Unlocked)

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Description of Xender MOD APK

Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to share a heavy video or document file with your friends? Still, you had trouble sending it due to the limitations of the various application? Well, now you will never have such a problem again.

Xender MOD APK
Xender MOD APK
App NameXender - Share Music Transfer
PublisherXender File Sharing Team
Latest Versionv12.3.1.Go
Size17 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 29, 2022

The Xender MOD APK has file sending facilities that easily send and receive heavy files. The application is developed by the Xender File sharing team and published through various online platforms for smartphone users.

Send various files, including video, images, apps, music and documents. There is no limit to how many files you will share through the application. You can even send large files in the size of GB through the application.

It is an intelligent application that recognises and encrypt the file before sending it to another person. It doesn’t require cable connection, internet facility or data usage to send or receive files. The person needs to be in the range of the phone. You can connect to the friends mobile and start sending the files. The system puts the security of the data at the primary objectives; thus, you rest assured that you get the desired result quickly.

Share any file with the highly secure data transmitting technology and avoid getting the data leaked to another person. While data is sent or received, the application uses encryption technology to encode the sent file. When the files are sent, it is stored in a password-protected folder.

The folder can be open only to the receiver end who has the password of the folder. If anyone hacks or takes away a specific file, they cannot descript it without the password.

How to use the Xender MOD APK?

The application is ready to use and doesn’t need any other setting to use the app. Once the application is installed on your smartphone, launch the application on your phone. You will have two options to choose from, send and receive.

When you want to send the file, click send, and the popup window will open to select the file you are willing to send. The receive option activates the application to get detected by other devices. Detection will create a zone to get connected.

Once the application is connected to the other device, you will freely send and receive the file. Remember that the receiver end device must have the Xender MOD APK application on their phone. The person doesn’t need to use the MOD version of it. The regular Xender application is also sufficient to send the file.

The person must accept your request before the data transmission begins once the other person receives your request. You are ready to send the file to the other device.

The application gives you the instant facility to share and receive the data to any smartphone device. Simply ask the friend to launch the application, and you can start sending the files to the friends mobile device. You also can mark the profile in the trusted partner, so next time you do not have to search for the other device.

The application works at speed, so you do not have to wait for the file transfer. The heavy file can get transferred immediately without any delay. It is also helpful to send and receive corporate files.

Special Features of Xender App

Share any files

Comfortably send large movie files, songs, documents, pdf and mobile apps through the Xender MOD APK. There is no limit on what kind of files you can share using the application. It produces peer to peer connection through the encrypted network between the two devices. The limited range allows the files to get transferred to the people around you. The corporate can use this technology to collect and send the files through the internal network. So you know that the file transfer is happening in your field.

Multiple language support

Xender MOD APK application supports most of the popular languages. You can change the default language and use the application in the local language. People who do not speak English can also use the application freely, and the English language could not be a barrier in the use of the application. It would be fun to use the application in the regional language and share the files with your friends and family.

Unlimited file size support

No barrier or limitation on sending and receiving the file. You can send heavy files without any restriction. Also, there is no restriction on how many files you can send or receive through your smartphone. Once the application is in use, it serves the purpose for the rest of your life.

Unlimited send and receive file functions will never get disrupted. You enjoy premium features without paying for the services. It is free to use and will stay the same forever.

Fast transfer speed

One of the essential features of the application is the fast-moving data from one device to another. The application does a great job of delivering the best result. Breakneck speed ensures the data is shared without any limitation and at lightning speed. It means you can send the large files up to GB within a minute.

The transfer speed of the application is up to 200 times faster than the traditional Bluetooth supported file sharing facilities. The use of new technology reduces time to a great extend. Data is transferred at a speed of 10MB/s. The impressive speed is sufficient to transfer the large file within a minute.

No need for an internet connection

The application runs without an internet facility. Thus, you do not need to connect your device to the regular internet. Connect the device to the other smartphone with the Xender MOD APK application installed on their device; once both devices are connected, you can send or receive the files.

MOD Features of Xender App

  • Unlimited access to the premium features.
  • Remove ads from the application.
  • Get access to the priority services such as new features before launching to the other users.
  • Save unlimited numbers of peering partners in the device.
  • Extend the file support.

Download Xender MOD APK

Use the below download link to get the Xender MOD APK application file downloaded on your smartphone device. The application works smoothly without any issue.

Download Xender MOD APK

How to install Xender MOD APK?

  • Start with the download of the apk file. Find the above download link and save the file on your smartphone.
  • After that, go to the settings and find the “Allow unknown file” download. Change to setting to allow and move to the next step.
  • Next, run the installer and start the installation process. The installation may take a few minutes. Do not stop the installation. Also, do not change the screen.
  • On successful installation, the file will be ready to use.
  • Lunch the application and start using the features.


How to use the Xender MOD APK application?

The application comes with peer to peer connection technology. Connect your device with another device using the Xender MOD APK application. Once both the devices are paired, you will be able to freely send and receive the file.

How much does Xender MOD APK application service cost?

The MOD version of the application comes with fully unlocking services. It means you are no longer need to pay for the service. Simply download and install the app, and you are ready to move ahead.


Xender MOD APK application gives you instant access to the premium features of the application. After you start using the application, you will never have trouble getting any files or documents from other phones. Also, you do not have to connect the device to the internet, though you can exchange the file during travel. Get the Xender MOD APK application today and start using it. The transmission service is available 24 x 7.

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