Water Tracker MOD APK v2.12 (PRO Unlocked)

Water Tracker MOD APK v2.12 (PRO Unlocked)

Description of Water Tracker MOD APK

Drinking enough water during the day keeps you hydrated and promotes good health. People who live in a busy schedule often forget to drink water. You should be drinking the water every few hours to maintain your physical balance.

Water Tracker MOD APK
Water Tracker MOD APK
App NameWater Tracker - Water Reminder
PublisherBetter Life - Health Apps
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Versionv2.12
Size8 MB
MOD FeaturesPRO Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 23, 2022

Most of the human body is made of water. Less amount of water could result in various functional errors. Your organs will have trouble functioning properly. Majorly, it affects the kidney and liver. Also, the development of the new cells significantly drops when there is no sufficient water in the body.

Thus, doctors generally recommend drinking plenty of water so the vital organs would have time to nourish and use the water to replace the not working area in the body.

Forgetting to drink the water is most familiar as the growing workload puts the person in the active mode. A busy person finds less time to think about their health. Hence, it is common to see people forget to drink plenty of water during the day.

Water Tracker MOD APK is the solution to busy people. The tracker gives you an alert whenever it is time to drink water. The application ensures that you have enough water during the day. You need to worry about remembering the time to drink the water. Drinking an adequate amount of water would keep your immune system stable.

When your body receives sufficient nutrition from the water, it prevents alien viruses from entering the body. It will be ready to fight against any virus invasion. People who do not drink adequate water could develop various diseases due to a weak immune system.

How to use Water Tracker MOD APK?

The application offers only a single service that tracks your water drinking time. Once you set the plan for the day, the application follows the clock and alerts you when it is time to drink water.

Setting the application takes only a few minutes. Take the help of the measurement unit given in the application. Choose the amount of water needed to drink every time it buzzes the sound.

It will teach you how much water you should be drinking every time the alert appears on the screen. Breaking down the total water consumption unit into small parts will enable you to drink a small portion at a time and achieve the goal.

Choose the time to wake up and go to sleep, so the application adjusts the sleeping hours and calculates them into a final goal. The application will be in silent mode during this period, so it will not disturb you during sleep.

The notification setting gets repeated according to the set intervals. You have to follow these notifications until you go to bed. When you reach the end of the day, you would have to consume a sufficient amount of water during the day.

Use the tracking report to check how you have performed in the process. Complete your target every day and reach close to the monthly goal.

Special Features of Water Tracker App

The application has many essential features that make use easy. Find those features below.


Every time you meet your goals, you will be rewarded with a surprise gift. These rewards will encourage you to stay on course for an extended period. It will increase the desire to get more rewards by completing the regular target. Every reward you earn through the process would allow you to upgrade your profile.

Charts and Stats

Daily achievement is tracked and reported into the statical or graphical report. Go to the achievement section to check daily progress. The charts and stats will tell you how you are doing in the game. If there is a drop in progress, you can easily observe them through the report.

Option to switch beverage

The ultimate goal of the application is some amount of liquid should be entered into the guts. It is not mandatory to have only water during the day. You can use fruit juice or milkshakes to fulfil your need. The application also encourages users to use an alternative liquid source such as juice and shakes.

Drinking water throughout the day could become monotonous. The alternative beverages help you stay focused on the target without losing interest. Switching to the other beverages would keep you motivated.

MOD Features of Water Tracker App

The MOD feature gives you complete freedom to use the application. Find what you have got in the MOD apk application.

  • An unlocked version of the app.
  • Regular tracking
  • No annoying advertisement.
  • An unlimited number of notifications.
  • Sync data with Google fit and any other fitness application.
  • Import and export data to the application.
  • Unlimited backup of the tracking data.
  • Personalize support.
  • Customize the profile with the use of premium templates.
  • Access to all premium features.

Download Water Tracker MOD APK

The application is stored on a secure server with file protection technology. So you can comfortably use the application on your device. Find the download link below to get the apk file.

Download Water Tracker MOD APK

How to install Water Tracker MOD APK?

Follow the step by step guide to download and install the application on your device.

  • Get the apk file downloaded from the above source.
  • Change the default setting of the file installation to the allow. You will find the option in the setting application. Search for the “All unknown file install”. In the default setting, the feature will be disabled. Changing this feature will permit to download and install the file.
  • Next, go to the apk file and start the installation process. The installation may take a few seconds to complete. Do not turn the screen off during the installation. Also, keep your device connected to the internet facility.
  • Once the installation is complete, you are ready to use the application. Create your profile, set your sleeping hours, and the application will be prepared to notify you when it is time to drink the water.


Can I use the Water Tracker MOD APK in offline mode?

Yes. The application runs in offline mode as well. Once you set up the plan for the drinking water, you will be ready to use it regularly. The application will track the time and alert you whenever it is time to drink the water.

Do I have to pay the premium cost for using Water Tracker MOD APK?

No. The Water Tracker MOD APK comes with the unlock version. You get access to all the premium facilities provided in the application.


Water Tracker MOD APK would change your life completely. Most importantly, it improves health and gives you the ability to hydrate your body. Install the Water Tracker MOD APK and start using it today.

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