SleepTown MOD APK v3.3.7 (Premium Unlocked)

SleepTown MOD APK v3.3.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Description of SleepTown MOD APK

Today various kinds of distractions make us stay awake late at night. Smartphone users cannot go to sleep without checking their phones. The brain feels anxious when they are not interacting with their smartphone. Too many activities in a day cause people to lose their sleep and become vulnerable to various health problems.

SleepTown MOD APK
SleepTown MOD APK
App NameSleepTown
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Versionv3.3.7
Size51 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 26, 2022

Doctors recommend deep sleep to make your brain relax and prepare for the next day. However, deep sleep is far fetched reality to many of you. People stay asleep but then never get to experience deep sleep.

The primary reason for that is a deep sleep needs a calm and relaxed brain. If your brain is bombarded with too much distraction, the brain eventually loses control over it and starts buzzing all the time.

When you do not get the right amount of sleep, you will feel exhausted in the morning. Your alertness decreases significantly. Over time the brain activities reduce, and you will have chaos in your life.

Improve your alertness with the right amount of training. SleepTown MOD APK gives you the ability to control your sleep cycle. Once your brain develops a pattern, you will experience deep sleep at night. Your day will start with excitement. You will feel energetic throughout the day and become more productive.

How to use SleepTown MOD APK?

The interface of the SleepTown MOD APK is quite simple to use. Before you start using it, think of the outcome you are willing to produce utilizing the night sleep application. The application will help you to get good night sleep.

The goal setting is vital to track progress; after all that, you return after following all these methods, which matters the most. Once you have your goal ready, the next step is to open the SleepTown MOD APK application on your device.

Set the goal in the application. Find the option to set up an alert and get ready for the new challenges on the next day. The alert ringtone buzz only at the set time. So you know in advance when you will wake up the next day.

The timing is critical. Understand how much sleep your body requires. Everyone has a different need when it comes to night sleep. People involved in the job in physical work might need extra sleep hours. Ultimately, how you wake up in the morning is what matters.

Your brain and physical structure must be fully synced with each other to produce a maximum outcome. As you follow the routine, your brain becomes aligned with the goal, and you will find yourself very energetic when you start your day the following day. The morning will bring surprises and fascinate you.

Every member of the app gets a beautiful house and various structures to make your play enjoyable. The application engages you in the game and makes you stay active in your goal achievement.

Special Features of SleepTown App

Virtual house with every achievement

After you start following the SleepTown MOD APK goal, you will achieve various purposes in the app. Once you reach the first goal, the application will reward you with the new house.

The developer has added a fun element to the game that makes it easy for the users to stay engaged. New features are introduced that make your world appear excellent as you achieve your goals.

A beautiful virtual house makes your profile more interesting. Many other rewards allow you to build your city. Build a wonderful world with beautiful structures.

Team coordination

Like any other multiplayer game, the SleepTown MOD APK gives you access to the other player’s profile. Team up in the game to achieve your goal in mutual understanding. Grow together and get a quick result from the gameplay.

Set proper time

Setting a proper sleep time would make your brain develop the perfect condition for night sleep. Stable brain activities reduce stress and maximize your ability to energize your body.

Give your brain a breathing period between the regular goal achievement program. Two to three days off in the week will make your brain enjoy the relaxing time. When you go to bed, set the alarm for the morning. Choose the alarm volume depending on your convenience.

Build healthy sleep habit

The fixed routine structure encourage the member to create a healthy habit. Set your goals and wake up at the pre-determined time. The routine will keep you on your track to achieve your next destination. As you keep using features, you will get more alerts and rewards. The use of new elements constructs the dreamlike towns.

Connect with friends and family

Get your friends and family members on board and compete with them. Team up with them to achieve common goals. You support them in building a new home; in return, they will help you achieve your goals.

When you have your supporting members on your side, you will be surprised to see how the simple game make you enjoy your sleeping time. It improves your night sleep and makes you ready for the next day.

MOD Features of SleepTown App

MOD features add more fun to the gameplay. The SleepTown MOD APK comes with premium features that are not accessible to everyone. As you start using the premium options, the progress in the space become quick. You will also get to enjoy unique elements in the gameplay.

  • The unlocked version of the SleepTown MOD APK application.
  • Connect with as many members as you want. A wide range of facilities is available for free of cost.
  • No limitation on any of the services you use in the app.
  • No annoying ads while using the app.
  • Free for a lifetime.
  • Multiplayer support.

Download The SleepTown MOD APK

Use the below download link to get the apk file downloaded on your android device. Highly secure platform to download the apk file.

Download SleepTown MOD APK

How to install The SleepTown MOD APK?

Follow the step by step guide to install SleepTown MOD APK on your device.

  • Check for the available storage space. The device must have sufficient space to install the new application.
  • Go to setting and change the “All unknown file install” option. Change the location to allow to permit the third party application.
  • Next, get the SleepTown MOD APK file downloaded from the above-given source.
  • Once the file is fully downloaded to the device, click the file and begin the installation procedure. Soon the app will get installed, and you will have an app icon on your device.
  • The SleepTown MOD APK is now ready to use. Open the app and create your profile with essential details. Explore the features and enjoy the gameplay.


Can I install the SleepTown MOD APK on my laptop?

No. The apk files are supported to only the android operating system. There is another way to handle the apk file using the android emulator software. First, you need to install the android emulator software on your laptop and then install the apk file on your device. This way, you will have access to the android application.

What is the subscription charges for using the SleepTown MOD APK?

SleepTown MOD APK application is free for a lifetime. There are no subscription charges for the users who have the MOD apk version of the app. The MOD version comes with a fully unlocked version of the app giving you access to all the essential features.


SleepTown MOD APK combines the health application with the exciting gameplay. People find it easy to use the app because of its clean interface. When you start using the application, you will realize the app makes you sleep well and wake up early in the morning without feeling tired.

Get the SleepTown MOD APK file downloaded on your device and start using it. It will change your life and make you healthy. Your health improves, and you make quick progress in your life.

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