Simple Habit MOD APK v1.36.15 (Premium Unlocked)

Simple Habit MOD APK v1.36.15 (Premium Unlocked)

Description of Simple Habit MOD APK

Developing a good habit such as meditation is immensely challenging these days. The Simple Habit MOD APK reduces the gap between your desire and practice execution. It is one of the best meditation applications developed for people who are too busy in life.

Simple Habit MOD APK
Simple Habit MOD APK
App NameSimple Habit: Meditation, Sleep
PublisherSimple Habit, Inc.
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Versionv1.36.15
Size17 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android4.4 and up
Last UpdatedMarch 27, 2022

The meditation application gives instant support to the people who need a quick solution while developing a good habit in life. The application will teach you how to balance your work and personal life. It is vital to use the application when you do not know how to break certain practices.

Five minutes a day could impact your health significantly. Reduce stress, develop focus, sleep better at night and improve your health in the process.

The Simple Habit MOD APK has received many awards from well-known health institutes to contribute to the health industry. The application consists of 50 plus free sessions and an extensive library.

Use the professional training program to deal with many health problems. You will find more than 1000 situations with insomnia and anxiety-reducing lessons. Experts suggestions with vital tips are added to the application.

How to use the Simple Habit MOD APK?

Once you have installed the Simple Habit MOD APK on your device, start using it regularly. The application comes with various levels divided into different training programs. There are many sections available in the application. Explore each of them before you decide what is better for you.

After your initial research, you will be able to find the perfect training program that suits your routine. Follow the instructions given in the program to see the changes in your life.

The five minutes meditation gives you control over your brain and physical activities. Anything that you do will impact your health and improve your overall health.

Meditation has proven a great therapy to develop inner energy. It is the way to stop your brain from getting into unwanted thinking. People become more alert when they perform meditation regularly. You will become more focused in life.

You would be open to accepting all kinds of reality in life. Anything that you believe or think become your reality—however, that’s not always the case. You should not see the world the way your brain portrays it.

The meditation puts in you the position to differentiate the dream and reality in the precise term. You will perform better in your life and achieve more success in your goals.

Follow the given instructions carefully and get the desired outcome. The goal-setting will improve your ability to achieve the target quickly. You must make progress every day. So putting a few minutes into practice, the technique taught in the application will give you the power to handle the situation.

Special Features of Simple Habit App

Here are some of the top features of the Simple Habit MOD APK that makes the application interesting to use.

Use anytime, anywhere.

The application provides a simple meditation technique that you can perform anywhere. You do not need to stay at home or find a unique space for meditating. The techniques are helpful for people who travel frequently. It allows the users to enjoy the travel time meditating their favourite technique and building a stable and robust mind.

Relieve stress

Use the stress-relieving meditation technique to improve the sleep cycle. The application will help you develop simple habits that make the users enjoy their lives without compromising their daily routine.

The meditation methods provided in the application are used, my experience monks. You will have complete control over your mind after practising the meditation techniques.

Offline access

The application doesn’t require an active internet connection. Use the application in offline mode whenever you have free time. The offline version consists of various meditation techniques and stress buster practices. Remember that consistency is necessary for achieving the goal.

Tracking progress

As you start using the Simple Habit MOD APK application regularly, the application will keep tracking your daily inputs. Record how you have performed today.

At the end of the month, the accumulated data is provided to you that tells you how you have performed in the process. The progress will keep you motivated and give you reasons to keep doing it.

Build Good habit

Building an excellent healthy habit will be possible using Simple Habit MOD APK. As you start using the application, you will experience a significant change in your life.

Your health improves and makes quick progress in the direction where it contributes to a prosperous life. Ultimately, the goal is to enjoy your life the way you want. You will experience a significant difference in your life.

MOD Features of Simple Habit App

Get the MOD features, remove all the restrictions from the app, and enjoy the services free of cost.

  • Unlimited use of the premium features.
  • An unlocked version of the app.
  • No ads in the app.
  • Priority access to the new content.
  • Professional tips and guides to enhance your health.
  • Use custom templates.
  • Freedom to personalize the service according to your needs.

Download Simple Habit MOD APK

Find the download link of the Simple Habit MOD APK below. It is easy to install.

Download Simple Habit MOD APK

How to install Simple Habit MOD APK?

  • Get the apk file downloaded from the above give source. The download link will prompt with the file options where it is saved. Save the apk file in the desired folder and move to the next step.
  • After the download is complete, go to the setting and find the “Allow unknown file install” option. Changing the setting will permit the apk file to be installed without restriction.
  • Next, run the apk file by clicking on the file and letting the installation complete. If any message appears on the screen, click proceed to start using the app. Do not close or turn off the screen during the installation. It may take a few seconds to complete the installation.


Is it safe to download Simple Habit MOD APK on an android phone?

Yes. The Simple Habit MOD APK is stored in a very secure manner to avoid getting any virus or malware. The file is stored in the zip folder so that nothing will penetrate the folder. Download the file and install it on your device without any trouble.

Can I download Simple Habit MOD APK from any other source?

Yes. You can download the file from any authorized source. Ensure that the site is trustworthy and not involved in any manipulation.


Simple Habit MOD APK trains the users to develop healthy habits that change their life. Once you start using the application, you will notice many things that allow users to improve their lives. Give yourself a new year gift by building new habits. Simple Habit MOD APK will contribute to increasing your lifestyle.

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