SeriesGuide MOD APK v65.0.5 (Premium Unlocked)

SeriesGuide MOD APK v65.0.5 (Premium Unlocked)

Description of SeriesGuide MOD APK

Series are becoming more popular these days. It is one of the media content that talks a lot in public. People discuss the new episode, stories, hidden secrets, and suspense that the series depicts to the audience.

SeriesGuide MOD APK
SeriesGuide MOD APK

Different genres of series are made for a wide range of viewers. Every series comes with episodes. These episodes last for a few weeks to a month. Sometimes it becomes difficult to stay up to date with the new episode released by your favourite series. With too many series to watch, you may feel lost.

App NameSeriesGuide – Show & Movie Manager
PublisherUwe Trottmann Soft
Latest Versionv65.0.5
Size6 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedSeptember 10, 2022

Many of you might have faced trouble getting back to the previous episode where you left last time. You may struggle to browse all the episodes and lose a reasonable amount of time in the process.

Thus, you need to organize your series and movies in proper order. You know where you left the previous episode once you have the appropriate system in place. So when you come back, you can continue watching the episode from where you left without wasting time thinking about where you were last time.

SeriesGuide MOD APK is the movies and TV shows organizer application. It provides a suitable system that organizes your entire media content into a single folder. It does more than record the episode time. The application comes with automated alerts when a new episode is added. Also, the new movie release is informed to the users through smartphone notification. The application gives you a tracking mechanism to stay updated about the new content.

How to use SeriesGuide MOD APK?

The SeriesGuide MOD APK comes with simple to use functions. Most of the operation is similar to the TV. If you have used the Smart-TV to save the channel you like, the application similarly performs the task.

The application offers a series of content to the users. Launch the app and find the programs once the application is installed on your device. Choose the desired content to open it, and the app will play the media file.

Remember that the application will not work without an internet connection. In the absence of an internet facility, the application will not allow you to access the content.

Once you find your desired content in the application, start watching it. The users do not have to make any special arrangements then noting down the content. Most of the settings and functions are automatically adjusted based on your activities while using the app. Just sit back and relax while watching your favourite movie or TV shows.

The HD quality movies and TV shows you watch using the application is stored on the cloud storage facility. The content is accessible from anywhere you go over the internet. Thus, you do not have to face the burden of storing the media content on your device.

Your selected movies and TV shows are stored in the cloud facilities from where you get access to your content. Once you log in to your user account, the application connects you with your profile. All your media content will be saved securely on the cloud server.

Series or movies you cannot complete in a day can be added to the watch later tag. It will be stored from where you have left. Next time you come to watch your favorite series, it will be played from where you left.

The application remembers the last watch time and saves it in your personalized profile. You open the favourite list and find the content you watched last time. Choose the shows and continue watching from where you left them in the past.

Special Features of SeriesGuide App

Let’s find out what the application has to offer.


The application gives you an alert to popular TV shows and movies through the notification. If you are a movie lover, you will never miss the new movies once you start using the application.

Thousands of popular TV series are available to watch. Finding the relevant becomes difficult when you have too many options in front of you.

The application reduces the pain of searching for the right genre with a good plot. The application will suggest the relevant content based on your current interest and reduce your time exploring the new series.

Backup and Sync

The user account is connected to the premium cloud storage, where the media content is stored in the backfile. The cloud facility gives you access to the content anytime and anywhere.

Integrates with Trackt

Now, you have the option to incorporate the Trackt account with the SeriesGuide MOD APK. The system automatically connects with the Trackt account and provides essential information such as check-in, rate, comment etc.

Trackt connectivity will give you access to the movies you have already watched. It auto-syncs the data and makes the content available for you in the SeriesGuide MOD APK.


API connectivity lets you add an extension button to the app.

MOD Features of SeriesGuide App

Here is the list of the features that you get to enjoy with the MOD apk file.

  • A fully unlocked version of the application.
  • Get access to the unlimited data set.
  • Unlimited storage to the cloud server. Save as many files as you want without any restriction.
  • Access to the movies, TV shows and even the newly published theatre movies are available to watch.
  • Instant notification to every new content added to the application.
  • Personalize profile with customization option.

Download SeriesGuide MOD APK.

Downloading the SeriesGuide MOD APK is very easy. Use the below link to get the MOD apk file downloaded on your device. Ensure that your device is up to date with the latest android version. The old version device might not support the file.

Download SeriesGuide MOD APK

How to install SeriesGuide MOD APK?

Use the below guide to learn how to install SeriesGuide MOD APK on your smartphone device.

  • Clear the space on your device. Check the storage and unwanted backup file. Give sufficient space to avoid disruption during installation.
  • Close all the background applications.
  • Next, go to the setting and search for the “Allow unknown file install” option.
  • After you have granted permission, go to the above download link. Click download and store the file on your device.
  • Run the installation by clicking the apk file and begin the installation process. Soon the file will be installed, and you will have the application icon on your device.
  • Launch the app and start using it.


Is the SeriesGuide MOD APK similar to NetFlix?

No. The SeriesGuide MOD APK application only offers file management services. Netflix is a movie production and media manager application. Netflix may inspire some parts of the application, but it is built differently.

Do I have to pay to use the premium services of SeriesGuide MOD APK?

No. The SeriesGuide MOD APK comes with an unlocked version of the premium file. No charges are applied to use the application.


SeriesGuide MOD APK is a perfect application that solves the biggest problem of movie and series lovers. It saves your time searching for the right series or movies to watch. Also, the series could be managed in proper order to avoid time-wasting activities. All your activities are saved in the personalized profile when you return to the application again. Go to your favourite folder and find the content as it is the way you left it in the last activities.

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