Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK v7.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK v7.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Description of Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK

Do you like reading books? Do you want to improve your knowledge by reading exciting stories? If the answer to these two questions is Yes, you have Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK application with a fantastic feature specifically designed for the readers. Frequent readers would love the application. It satisfies your appetite for knowledge.

Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK
Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK
Moon+ Reader Pro
Moon+ Reader Pro
Price:8,99 €
App NameMoon+ Reader Pro
GenreBooks & Reference
Latest Versionv7.7
Size21 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 04, 2022

Reading has considered one of the best activities in the world that makes you bright, but it has the power to change your perception to see the world. History has shown us readers have been the primary source of evolution. Even today, top business people point out reading as their weapon to stay ahead of the competition.

Books have been the close friend of humankind. It has helped the people to spread the common ideology throughout the world. The books have significantly impacted the large community when making people believe in something. If you see the influence of the holy books, those books are written by wise people, but it dramatically affects humankind.

Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK application gives you what readers need. The simple application contains a wide range of services.

How to use Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK ?

Reading becomes a painful experience when you do not have the right tools in hand. The robust reading makes it easy to understand the concept provided in the book. Also, various tools help you note essential points to read them later.

The Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK application comes with choosing a wide range of document formats. Once you have the books or documents on the device, you can go to the import section in the application and select the file you want to read in the app.

The Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK support varieties of file format, including chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, HTML, rar, zip, pdf, Mobi etc. There are plenty of options given to the users, so you will never miss any document while reading.

Find the various tools provided in the application. These tools are helpful to make the reading interactive. You can highlight the text, mark the sentence, use the colours to border the text, voise search option, multiple touch support and many more.

While using the application, explore the different features and see what suits your need. The features are made for improving your reading speed. Also, recalling becomes easy when you highlight specific points that you find interesting in the book. Later, you can note these points and get them in a single file.

Moreover, the users offer background theme changes, fix screens, scrolling control, and customization options. These features allow the users to set the right tone for your device. Some readers like to read books in a particular size or colour. The application gives you the freedom to choose the perfect page setting to make your reading comfortable.

Special Features of Moon+ Reader Pro APP

Theme customization

Change the theme of the application according to your viewing experience. Dark and standard themes allow a comfortable reading experience. You can also change the theme of the book and individual pages.

Backup function

The back features give you protection from deleting the critical file. The device will backup the current changes you made to the pages. The information is stored for later use, so you do not have to worry about losing the information. Books added to the applications stay properly in a completely safe environment.

Additional storage facilities

Users who need additional storage to save more books can connect their account with the drop box online storage facility. Cloud storage will keep your books on the server. You will be able to access these books from anywhere whenever needed.

It becomes easy to change devices using cloud services. The changes you make on one device will be stored on the cloud server. Access the same file on the other device, and all your previously made changes will be available on the other device.

Text highlights

Various text highlighting tools are provided in the application while reading the book. There will be a time when you want to note down specific sentences or words. The text highlighter tool will allow you to use the colour to highlight the words and save the settings for later use.

MOD Features of Moon+ Reader Pro App

These are some of the top features you get to enjoy with the mod apk file.

  • Ad-free access to the app.
  • Use the shake features to activate the speech tool. It converts the text to speech.
  • Get the PDF file support.
  • Premium themes and background images to change the appearance of the screen.
  • Customize the reader bar section according to your need. Add or remove the features for quick access.
  • Use the headset and Bluetooth device to control the app.
  • Multi-point touch enables interaction with the app smoothly.
  • Set a password to unlock the app.
  • Use the home screen shortcut for quick access to the currently active book.

Download Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK

Use the below-given link to start downloading the Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK file. It is safe to download the apk file on your device.

Download Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK

How to install Download Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK ?

  • Get the apk file downloaded on your device.
  • Change the default setting of the device to allow the unknown file to download and install. You will find this option in the setting tab.
  • Next, click the apk file and start the installation process.
  • When the device prompts for permission, click proceed to continue the installation process.
  • The Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK file will be installed on your device and ready to use within seconds.
  • Find the app icon on your home screen. Click the app icon to start using it.


Does Moon+ Reader Pro come with the books?

No. The application provides essential tools to the readers. You can download the books or files from the online source and import them into the app.

Do I need to pay for using the premium features of the Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK?

No. The Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK comes with the unlock version. Pro version features are accessible through the app.


Moon+ Reader Pro MOD APK is one of the best applications for readers. Use it to improve your reading style. Also, it helps the readers to remember the vital points with the help of the highlighting tools and speech search. Use the app the way you want, customize it and become a better reader.

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