LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.113..1 (Map Speed)

LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.113..1 (Map Speed)

4.7 (35)Adventure, Games

Description of LOST in Blue MOD APK

Hi, there, game lovers! This time it is Adventure! We thought it would be great to discuss some exciting details on an adventurous game for a change. So here is LOST in Blue MOD APK, a super-advanced but exciting game for all the young players.

Developer:Volcano Force
App NameLOST in Blue
PublisherVolcano Force
Latest Versionv1.113..1
Size860 MB
MOD FeaturesMap Speed
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 29, 2022

What is LOST in Blue MOD APK?

This game is based on an exciting plot. It begins with a narrow escape from a Plane crash where the player lands on an island. The survivor has different challenges, from collecting resources, building instruments, and finding other facilities while exploring the island.

It is mainly an attempt to survive on an unknown island while battling natural disasters like the fiery volcanoes and freezing glaziers. Also, it is a real challenge to survive the mutant zombies, militias, and wild creatures.

The player has to do anything that would take him home!

So dear game lovers, this sounds interesting and pretty challenging.

Let us see the unique features and techniques that the game offers us!

Unique features of LOST in Blue MOD APK

The game’s unique features are the key point that attracts all the youngsters.

  • The game has a multiplayer feature. The player has to build up friendships with the other players worldwide. It helps the player to gather the limited resources with collective efforts.
  • The player can always upgrade the character to suit the challenges of mother nature.
  • It is a unique island where the player can experience the real beauty of nature, like natural sceneries like beaches, tropical rainforests, swamps, and volcanoes. In the meantime, the player also must experience artificial obstacles like exploring the expedition ship from the 1980s, the secret research labs, ancient ruins lying underground, and deadly abandoned temples.
  • The most challenging part is building the equipment that helps the player survive on the island. Making your camp, sensory tower, arrow tower, putting up the vegetable patches, and making tools for hunting are the main jobs.
  • The player chooses to find his friends or fight with the enemies.
  • The game’s features are so natural that it provides an almost real-life experience of surviving on a deserted island.

So do you find the features interesting?

Will you be able to get back home?

Here is how to play the game to survive on the deserted island.

The player needs to collect the resources as much as possible to build a living-friendly environment.

The player has to complete the area challenges while proceeding.

Building up relationships with other players will help you survive on the island. Companions are true friends.

Making gears and equipment are the most interesting where the player can explore his creativity while enjoying the game.

Speeding up the work and unlocking the companions is the next step that makes the player move forward.

The player must not forget to satisfy his hunger and thirst with the available food on the island.

Always remember to Explore the map and dominate evil zombies to survive on the unknown island.

The player should Keep strengthening his facilities to survive for a longer time and get home soon.

How to download and install the LOST in Blue MOD APK?

The best thing is that this game can be installed on your mobile phone or PC. You may quickly get the game downloaded from our website. But make sure to keep up with the latest updates to enjoy all the game’s new features.

Download LOST in Blue MOD APK


Where can you play LOST in blue MOD APK?

You can easily play this game on an android phone or a PC.

Where can you find the stone brick in the game?

You can find it on the far ends of each shoreline of the Beach.

How do you create a soft rush rope in the game?

It needs to be built from the tree vines. You can bring home a Tree Vine which creates an event where Skye reveals that she can make them into Ropes. You can make a place in the home base to store them, a Rope Pile. Put the tree vines in the rope pile, and you can request her to make ropes.

Wrapping up…

So dear adventurous players, what do you think of the game? It looks interesting. If you have not yet installed it, hurry up! Why waste your time and regret! Give this fantastic game a try!

4.8/5 - (24 votes)

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