Calm Premium MOD APK v6.10.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Calm Premium MOD APK v6.10.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Description of Calm Premium MOD APK

Growing stress levels in people’s lives cause significant damage to health and relationships. Individuals are frustrated with their life—many start walking on the path where they should not be walking. Addiction is one of the most accessible solutions people find to deal with a challenging time.

Calm Premium MOD APK
Calm Premium MOD APK
App NameCalm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax, Inc.
GenreHealth & Fitness
Latest Versionv6.10.1
Size38 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 21, 2022

It is tough to sleep at night when you have too much burden on your shoulder. The brain needs relaxing time to forget all the pain and get into beautiful dreams. The Calm Premium MOD APK application is designed for people who have difficulty sleeping at night.

Calm Premium MOD APK provides impressive features to slow down the activities of the neurons for a while. It uses available meditation methods to reduce stress. Relive your nerves with soothing music. The music will enable you to focus your mind on something pleasing. You will find yourself in a more comfortable place as you follow the routine. The ultimate goal of the application is to provide the right meditation content to make people sleep at night.

Sleep is vital for keeping you energetic during the daytime. Lack of sleep reduces your attention span. Also, the person will not deliver their highest performance if it is not feeling fresh. You will look tired and less effective in whatever task you choose to do during the day.

The Calm Premium MOD APK application allows you to select your desired meditation content and use it regularly before bed. It will calm down your nervous system and prepare you for deep sleep.

How to use Calm Premium MOD APK?

The Calm Premium MOD APK comes with brilliant features segregated in different types of content. Every person has their own choice for the content when developing a relaxing environment. Some like to listen to soothing music, some like reading, and others take meditation sessions. Depending on your choices, you can choose the desired content category.

The features are located in the menu section once you open the Calm Premium MOD APK application. Choose the desired content and start using it to calm down your nerves. Music is one popular medium to disengage your brain from the stressful environment. The study shows that music can change your mood and shift your persecution from stressful to motivating.

The Calm Premium MOD APK application has soothing content to slow down your brain activities. The songs are mainly selected to reduce stress and take you to deep sleep. You will find yourself in heaven.

Stories loves can use the book section to read something interesting. The stories are another motivating factors that keep you alive. Our brain thinks in words; the motivation stories gives you the power to engage in reading and eventually find yourself better sleep in the night.

Similarly, specialized meditation hours encourage people to participate in regular meditation. The meditation performed before bed makes you relax. Use meditation music before bed and end your day with positive feelings.

You can also save your favourite content in your profile. Create your playlist to find your saved playlist ready to use the next time you open the app.

Special Features of Calm Premium App

The Calm Premium MOD APK application consists of various professional content that allows users to develop a perfect practice to calm down and relax. Using the application, you will be able to

Learn Meditation

The Calm Premium MOD APK application has a particular category for meditation. You will learn the meditation technique to develop physical and mental health. Meditation reduces stress and builds a balanced body structure to live a peaceful life.

Sleep stories

Sleep stories provide you with specifically selected stories that help you in sleep. The stories are designed to make you enjoy the reading and, at the same time, reduce the anxiety and stress from your body. Read the stories while lying on your bed and make your nervous system relax.


Find a sound library of your music in the app and use it every day before sleep. Music is one element that fires the positive vibes in your brain. The soothing music turns down the activities of the neurons. Based on the selection of the music, you will change the mood. Music is a powerful medium to enjoy your evening and get ready to sleep.

MOD Features of Calm Premium App

The MOD application gives you access to the premium services not available in the free app listed on the play store.

  • Fully unlock version of the app.
  • Track progress with unlimited data storage facility.
  • Custom profile with additional modification features.
  • Create your playlist with complete songs in it.
  • Use various custom made themes to change the appearance of the app.

Download Calm Premium MOD APK

Find the download link below. The application comes in the zip folder stored securely. Click and download the file on your device and start installing.

Download Calm Premium MOD APK

How to install Calm Premium MOD APK?

There are many ways to use the MOD apk file on your device. The standard method is to download and install it directly to the android device. Before installing the apk file, you need to make some changes to the setting to allow the apk file to get installed. The OS will not permit you to install the file without enabling the settings.

Follow the below guide to install the Calm Premium MOD APK file.

  • Get Calm Premium MOD APK from the above download source.
  • Now find the setting app on your Android device. Click the setting and find the “Allow unknown app install” option. Change the default setting to allow.
  • Next, click the apk file and start the installation. The OS will ask for permission during the installation with the prompt message. Click continue every time the message popup on your screen.
  • Within a few seconds, the installation procedure will get complete.
  • After completing the installation, there will be an icon on the home screen. Click the app icon and start exploring the features.


Do I have to pay for using Calm Premium MOD APK?

No. The application comes with a fully unlocked version. Thus, you do not have to pay anything to use the app.

Can I use the Calm Premium MOD APK on iOS?

No. The Calm Premium MOD APK is designed for the android operating system. The iOS will not support the application.


Calm Premium MOD APK is your bedtime buddy that makes you calm and relaxed before sleep. You will find your sleep quality improves when you use the app every day. It will stabilize your brain system and make you enjoy your morning with a fresh start. Use the application every day to experience a significant change in your life.

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