Baby Tracker MOD APK v4.21 (Premium Unlocked)

Baby Tracker MOD APK v4.21 (Premium Unlocked)

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Description of Baby Tracker MOD APK

Baby Tracker MOD APK is a useful application for the working mom. In the busy day to day schedule, there will be a time when you forget to feed your newborn baby. When the child is in an early stage of their growth, they need a good amount of nutrition and minerals to grow. Not offering sufficient food will cause them to develop various health problems. Thus, you should not forget the feeding time at any cost.

Baby Tracker MOD APK
Baby Tracker MOD APK

The Baby Tracker application is reliable application work like your personal assistant who alerts you when it is time to feed your baby. Set the duration in the application, and the buzzing sound will tell you when it is time to feed the baby.

Baby Tracker
Baby Tracker
App NameBaby Tracker - Newborn Log
Latest Versionv4.21
Size31 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedMay 27, 2022

The application tracks breastfeeding, solid food feeding, milk pumping, and bottle feeding time. Also, you can use the application for various other reasons, such as changing the diaper after it is used for a few hours. A wet diaper is not suitable for the baby. They may develop cold and other health problems. Set the interval for the diaper changing time and never forget to change it.

Additionally, you can develop the sleeping period for the baby. The application will produce the breezing sound when it is time to wake up. The baby will develop good sleeping hours so that you can arrange your other task of the day accordingly.

How to use Baby Tracker MOD APK ?

First-time moms would have less experience in handling the baby and their stuff. The personal assistant will reduce the stress of handling various tasks. Mom needs little time to adjust to the new environment. Everything should be well organized, from sleeping hours to feeding time to avoid long-term trouble.

Baby Tracker MOD APK helps you organize the day-to-day stuff and manage the baby’s activities with a helpful structure. Multiple tracking facilities are available for you to follow the feeding time by breast and other food.

Also, you can set the time for alternate breasts, so they both are simultaneously used for feeding. With the Baby tracker, you do not have to remember which breastfeeding you have done previously. Follow the notification, and you have the answer.

Moreover, you can track how many ml/oz of each breast you have pumped during the day. Track the units using the application, and you will have the total figure at the end of the day.

Track the diaper changing time. The diaper should be changed every 3 to 4 hours. Longer than that could develop must of liquid, and the wet interior would affect the health of the body. The tracking system works for any routine you will be doing for the baby.

Set the timer and replace it when the application starts buzzing. The application will tell you how many diapers you have changed in a month. Accordingly, you can set the purchase of the new diaper.

The application also consists of many other features such as bath time, walks, medications time, record the temperature. It becomes handy to record vital information with the help of the application.

You will have sufficient information to show how your baby is doing throughout the month at the end of the month. Based on the recorded data, the physician will offer the medication for the baby.

The importance of the baby tells you about the overall health. The Baby Tracker MOD APK application tracks the height and weight daily. Measure the information and record it in the App for future comparison.

Less weight shows the baby is going through the malnutrition problem. The physician will provide you with proper medications to increase the baby’s weight. Also, the new guideline will be provided to keep your baby in a healthy condition.

The Baby Tracker MOD APK application will benefit you if you are a working woman. It will enable you to stay focused on your job and, at the same time, take care of the baby without forgetting necessary babysitting activities. Add the timer for every event and follow it to organize your day.

If you have twins, you can track the critical activities separately. So there will be no confusion about what actions you have taken for which baby.

Special Features of Baby Tracker App

Here are the top features of the application.

  • Track feeding time for each breast or both of them simultaneously.
  • Give your baby one breast at a time.
  • Tracking bottle feeding time is convenient with the App.
  • Solid food feeding can be tracked.
  • Track how many ml/oz you have served your baby on a particular day.
  • Track diaper changing time. With regular tracking, you can estimate the approx number of diapers you need. Also, check the timer to verify the diaper condition, such as wet or dirty.
  • Additionally, record the bath and temperature of the baby. The application records the data and provides analytical reports at the end of every month.
  • Set the reminder for every essential activity. With the use of the application, you will never forget the necessary task.
  • Use the baby sleeping timer to create organized sleeping time. You will receive an alert in the notification bar.
  • Track the activities of the several babies at the time.

MOD Features of The Baby Tracker Apps

  • An unlocked version of the application.
  • Access to the premium features at no additional cost.
  • Lifetime free access.
  • Priority update whenever a new feature is launched.
  • Set unlimited reminders.
  • Personalize profile.
  • Analytical report of recorded task.

Download The Baby Tracker MOD APK

The Baby Tracker MOD APK comes with easy to use services. Get the App downloaded using the below download link. Click the button, and the download window will open. Save the file on your device.

Download Baby Tracker MOD APK

How to install The Baby Tracker MOD APK?

Follow the instruction below to download and install the MOD apk file.

  • Get the apk file downloaded from the above-given link.
  • Go to the setting and change the default setting of the “Allow unknown file install” option. Change it to allow.
  • Next, go to the download folder and click the apk file to begin installing.
  • Whenever the application prompt with the message for permission, click to continue to proceed ahead.
  • The application will be installed and ready to use within a few seconds. You will see a new application icon created on your device’s home screen.


Can I use Baby Tracker MOD APK on an IOS device?

No. The Baby Tracker MOD APK is only supported to the android device. You cannot install it on the IOS device.

How much does Baby Tracker MOD APK cost?

The application is available free of cost—no need to pay any charges to use the application.


Millions of users download the baby Tracker MOD APK application. The growth of the application clearly shows that the application is adding value to the users. The application supports the housewives to organize their day. You do not need to remember anything, set the vital task into the application, and you will be ready to use it. The notification alert will tell you when to breastfeed your baby.

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