Archero MOD APK v4.3.7 (God Mode, High Damage)

Archero MOD APK v4.3.7 (God Mode, High Damage)

4.6 (24)Games, Action

Description of Archero MOD APK

Are you an archery game lover? If the answer is yes, find the Archero MOD apk for your fun and entertainment. The android game comes with excellent graphics. Different modes in the game put your skill to the test.

Archero MOD APK
Archero MOD APK
App NameArchero
Latest Versionv4.3.7
Size264 MB
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, High Damage
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedOctober 18, 2022

You might be a good archery player, but when it comes to Archero, the gamer will find it attractive due to its challenging task. Gameplay is unique among all other popular archery games available on the web.

Join the thrilling experience of the archery game. You will be the sole archery in the game who will fight to win at the highest rank. The whole world will be against you and make you down. You have only the support of the archer. There is no way to go back. Thus, fight with your enemy and win the battle.

It is an action-packed game that takes you on an unknown journey. Every level in the game consists of unique shooting practice and real challenges that you have never experienced before.

Additionally, face the evil and battle with them to win. You have to defend yourself from evil and survive the attacks. If you fail, you will lose the game.

As you move ahead in the game, the evil force becomes stronger. Evil will ensure you stay behind in the game. Hidden powers will try to defeat you with invisible weapons. You also get the chance to upgrade your weapons and fight with an unknown force. In such a situation, you have to ensure that you take all required measures to protect yourself and stay in the game long enough.

Every time you win, you receive some coins. These coins are helpful to upgrade your powers buy new attire and equipment that will make you stronger.

How to play Archero?

Archero is the character dedicated to the player. He is the warrior who has entered the enemy island where different evil and monsters await him.

After you download the game on your android phone, launch the game and log in with your google play account. Choose your character and start the game. Move the player to the next room and wait for the game to begin.

Keep moving forward exploring the land. The joystick is used to move the player in all directions. When you see enemies, release the joystick to attack. Unlike any other game, where you press the button to fire the weapon, you release the joystick to fire the weapon and kill him automatically.

Find the obstacles around you. They will protect you from the enemy. Hide behind the barriers and wait for the right moment. Use your tactics to kill all the evil waves and move ahead in the game.

Once you successfully kill all the enemies, you will be rewarded with the coins. Collect all of them and move to the next room. Earned coins are helpful to upgrade your skill. The further level will be more challenging. You would require a more powerful tool to protect yourself. So when you have sufficient coins in your account, buy powerful weapons such as Death nova and attack speed boost.

Special Features of Archero

Archer hero

Archer’s hero is the top archer of the kingdom. He is responsible for fighting with the monster and dark forces that try to destroy the kingdom. Although the archer is trained in his skill, the game is not easy. You have to move through many challenges and showcase your archery skill.

The enemy force will attack you and try to kill you. There will be countless number enemies attacking you from all directions. You only have an archer and bow to fight with them. Stay in the game till you use your last arrow and become the top archer of the kingdom by defeating all the monsters.

Multiple challenging levels

The archer moves through different rooms. These rooms consist of new challenges. Every level you complete will put you in front of the new challenge. Overcome these monsters using various powers.

Also, these monsters hide behind the rocks to appear from anywhere. Stay alert and do not allow them to damage you. Your concentration is vital in the game. Kill every monster visible around you and keep moving in the game.

Weapons and skills

As you start playing the game, the weapons and skill development will play a critical role. Killing less powerful monsters is easy, but the process becomes more challenging as you move ahead in the game. Buy different weapons and skins to upgrade your character.

Use the joystick to move ahead in the game. Release the joystick to shoot an arrow towards the monster. Use the powers to increase the number of arrows to be fired. You can fire seven arrows at a time and kill multiple enemies. Learn the different skills to fight with the enemies effectively.

While crossing the line, keep an eye on the different traps and obstacles. Even the normal-looking stones may fire a fireball at you. Keep yourself safe from the moving electric traps. It can damage you and may affect you primarily.

MOD Features of Archero

  • You receive unlimited gems from playing the game unlimited time and upgrading your character to become a more powerful archer—no need to go through all those challenging missions.
  • Enjoy the unlimited coins in the game without upgrading it to the premium version.
  • Get the invisible power and most potent weapons for free.
  • Plan your strategy for the waves of evil attacks.
  • Run the game on low-end devices.
  • The GOD mod allows you to maximize the damage in the enemy territory.
  • Unlock all the worlds and play any level without winning the battle.

Download Archero MOD APK

Use the download link to get the apk file. It is a secure way to download and install the most popular Archero MOD APK android game.

Download Archero MOD APK

It will bring joy to your life because it is an entirely different archery game than all other games in the app store. Get the Archero MOD APK today and start playing the game.

How to install Archero MOD APK?

Follow the instruction carefully to download and install the Archero MOD APK game on your android phone.

  • First of all, download the apk file from the above-given source.
  • Save the file in the download folder.
  • After successful download, go to the file manage on your phone and find the download folder.
  • Open the folder and find the apk file recently downloaded in the folder.
  • Click the file and run the installer.
  • The application will begin the installation process.
  • The file will be installed within a few minutes, and you are ready to use it.
  • Find the game icon on your phone. Launch the game and start playing.


Is it safe to use unlock version of the Archero?

Yes. The Archero MOD APK application is safe to download and install on your phone. There will be no restriction from the operating system or game developer. You can use all the mod services without any trouble.

Can I play Archero MOD APK with my friends?

No. the Archero MOD APK is a single-player game. You cannot add your friends to the game and play together.


Archero MOD APK consists of the original archer background, but it takes the fun beyond the traditional practice. You will enjoy the game and the character play.

You will not be able to resist yourself from playing the game. Also, the strong enemy force keeps you engaged in the game. Enjoy the Archero MOD APK by downloading it today.

4.7/5 - (26 votes)

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